Contact Us

Our location: Grant Middle School 
1111 Easterday Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112.

Please contact us by email info@nmchineseschool.orgif you are interested in attending our school or would like to make a donation to support us. Thank you! 

Parents, please also feel free to share with us your concern or suggestion via the same email.

Board Members:

Shifeng Yang 杨世峰, Principal                     505-340-4863         
Rong Pan 潘荣, Curriculum Director 505-908-4737
Haiyan Zhao 赵海燕, Treasurer                  505-274-1720
Jing Ming 明静
, Technology Director               312-208-8198
Yuyu Lin 林宇宇, Activity Director              505-480-1386