Language Curricular Setting and Enrichment Courses

Language Classes and Extracurricular Classes

Our school offers Simplified/Pinyin(简体中文拼音班), Phonetic/Zhuyin(注音繁體中文班) and Mandarin for English Speakers. The minimum age for children to attend our school is five years old. We also welcome adult students.

The classes are scheduled on Sundays from 1:30pm to 3:00pm. We also offer FREE extracurricular classes from 3pm to 4pm. 

Language Classes

The workbooks we use for Simplified/Pinyin class are Chinese Language( Zhongwen) series published by Jinan University Publishing Company. 


The workbooks we use for English Speaking Class are HSK Standard Course series.  (or at the discretion of the teacher) 

Extracurricular Classes

In addition to language classes, We also offer free elective courses for registered students. You choose what is right for you. Each extracurricular course requires a minimum of 5 people to sign up to start the course. Otherwise the course will be cancelled. 

E1: Line Drawing 线描画 (Teacher: Meirong Keach)

Line art or line drawing is any image that consists of distinct straight lines or curves placed against a background (usually plain), without gradations in shade (darkness) or hue (color) to represent two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects. Line art can use lines of different colors, although line art is usually monochromatic. Line art emphasizes form and drawings), of several (few) constant widths (as in technical illustrations), or of freely varying widths (as in brush work or engraving). Line art may tend towards realism, or it may be a caricature, cartoon, ideograph, or glyph. This course will teach line drawing from the beginner level.


E2: Chinese Folk Songs 中国民歌学唱 (Teacher: Wenfang Zhang)

Learn to sing Chinese folk songs. Learn singing skills, master the correct state of breathing and vocalization, understand the background of songs, and learn to express music and emotions in singing. Learn to reflect the meaning of the lyrics more effectively, understand the author's original intention, and implement the melody meaning of the composer. Parents are welcome to join this class.


中国民歌学唱: 学习歌唱技巧,掌握正确的呼吸发声状态,了解歌曲的背景,了解作者本意,贯彻曲作者的旋律含义, 学习在演唱中表现乐感和情感。欢迎家长加入民歌学唱

E3: Chinese Chess 

The Chinese Chess class will cover the basics of how to set up the board in Chinese Chess as well as the piece names. The course will also cover how to play Chinese Chess at a beginner to intermediate level. Certain strategies and or tactics will be taught at the discretion of the teacher to students that are able to use them. Students are recommended to be at least eight year of age to attend this course.


To Be Determined: (If anyone would like to teach following classes, please send email to or contact our board members.)

Arts&Crafts (To Be Determined)

This class will teach students basic art skills and Chinese/American culture through various fun arts and crafts activities.

Teach basic Chinese origami skills through different origami folding activities. Introduce Chinese/American culture and holidays through arts and crafts activities and work. Developing other arts and crafts skills such as creating, drawing, coloring, cutting, and building.

Expectations: Attend the class on time. Listen to the teacher. Bring basic art supplies to class.

Dance (To Be Determined)

Dance Course aims to provide a platform for students to dance freely, feel music and interact with each other. After the Chinese course, the Latin dance and modern dance will help students to reduce stress, improve the cultivation of physical art, and broaden students' dance potential. This semester plans to complete the basic pace of the Latin dance Chacha and Rumba and modern dance waltz. 


Violin (To Be Determined)

Basic violin skill and stage performance.

Martial Arts (To Be Determined) 

Martial arts is one of the outstanding cultural heritages of the Chinese nation. Children's martial arts class introduces martial arts spirit, cultivates martial arts interest, learns basic movements, achieves the purpose of improving physical fitness, stimulating children's potential, enhancing self-confidence and tempering will. The main  learning contents of this semester are : horse steps, punching, kicking, Tai Chi and a simple performance routine.