Yuwen Cheng


Yuwen Cheng was born and raised in China. She grew up in the city of Chongqing that is famous for spicy food. She can speak standard mandarin, Chongqing local dialect, and English. Her husband has lived in Albuquerque for 11 years. They married and settled down here in 2019. Before getting married, she was studying in the UK, her graduate research focus on the impact of intercultural communication in language learning. She has been an online teacher for 2 years. She is an amiable and humorous teacher with rich body-language, so she can always make her class full of laughter. Therefore, students can gain not only knowledge but also a companion in her class.

B.A., English language and literature, Sichuan International Studies University, China

M.A., TESOL, University of Bath, UK