Danping Liao Feng  廖丹平


I grew up in a town surrounded by mountains. I loved hiking with my friends, exploring the secret path or caves in the mountains, picking flowers in Spring, splashing the water beside waterfall, and making net to catch birds (though I never got one)

I received my bachelor’s degree in biology from Central China Normal University (华中师范大学). I was a high school teacher and taught biology for sophomore students. I came to USA in 2000. I have been working at Albuquerque Public Schools for almost 10 years. I have also been teaching Chinese at the New Mexico Chinese School of Arts and Language for a decade. Being part of kids’ learning journey is always so exciting for me. I am honored that I will lead the children to explore and appreciate the oldest, richest and brightest culture in the world, that is, Chinese civilization. It’s also my great pleasure to help our kids along with their supportive parents like you to be proud, to value and to preserve their roots.

Both my two older sons are 10+ year students of our Chinese School. My third son will start his long journey of learning Chinese soon.

B. A. in Biology, Central China Normal University (华中师范大学)