Meirong Keach

我来自中国北京,毕业于山西师范大学汉语言文学本科。我热爱生活,喜欢艺术,和蔼可亲,风趣幽默 积极向上,喜欢不断地学习各种新知识。



I am from Beijing, China and graduated from Shanxi Normal University with a bachelor's degree in Chinese Language and Literature. I love life, love art, amiable, humorous, positive, and love to keep learning new things.

It is a great honor to join the big family of New Mexico Chinese School. I will make unremitting efforts to devote myself to cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and to inherit Chinese culture.

In teaching, I am entertaining, making some boring learning very happy, and letting children gain knowledge in happiness. Stimulate children's interest in learning in all aspects and protect their enthusiasm for learning.

B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Shanxi Normal University