Mengting Wang

Mengting was born and raised in China. She grew up by the sea. She likes eat a lot of seafood. She obtained bachelor’s degree in international business and trade of Jiangxi Normal University, and first master’s degree in technological economy and management of Fuzhou University. When she finished her bachelor and master’s degree study and work shortly in Fuzhou, China, she immigrated to USA in 2018. After that, She worked in a public school and insist to teaching Chinese in Chinese school. She taught Chinese at Chiulaoshi Education Center and Huan-Yu Education Center. She has completed 16 hours of Educational Training Program for Teaching Mandarin from July 2 to July 3, 2019.  She attended Oversea online Mandarin teaching training at New York Metropolitan Area held by Eastern American Association of Chinese Schools from August 1 to August 2, 2020. She worked in New Mexico Chinese School of Arts & Language for two years during the pandemic. She got second master’s degree in population health informatics of CUNY SPH during work. In work, she is careful and responsible. Her personality is active and optimistic. She is looking forward to teaching Chinese to spread Chinese characters and culture.

梦婷出生、成长在中国。她在海边长大。她喜欢吃很多海鲜。她在江西师范大学取得国际经济与贸易专业学士学位和第一个硕士学位在福州大学取得,专业为技术经济及管理。当她完成她的学士和硕士学习和在中国福州短暂工作之后,她在2018年移民来美国。之后她在公立学校工作,并坚持在中文学校教中文。曾经在纽约长岛大颈中文学校、纽约寰宇中文学校任教工作。在2019年7月2日到3日参加《海外华文教师研习会美加组》16小时培训。在2020年8月1日到2日参加大纽约地区海外华文线上教学教师研习会。在疫情期间,她在新墨西哥中文学校工作两年, 非常熟悉《拼音》《中文》这两套教材 。在工作之余,她在纽约市立大学公共健康和健康政策研究所取得第二个人口健康信息学硕士学位。在工作中,她是认真和负责任的。她的性格是活泼、积极。她希望能够教中文来传播中国汉字和文化。

B.A. in International Business and Trade, Jiangxi Normal University

M.A. in Technological Economy and Management, Fuzhou University 

M.A. in Population Health informatics, City University of New York