Xiaolu Ma 马筱露

I came from Guilin, China. Guilin in southern China is known for its thousands of limestone karst hills that provide a breathtaking landscape. I graduated from Guangxi Normal University with an B. A. degree in Chinese Language and Literature. I am a life-loving, positive, and optimistic person. Currently, I am teaching Chinese I and II at Albuquerque Institute of Math & Science (AIMS).

Since I joined the New Mexico Chinese School in the fall of 2016, I have integrated Chinese traditional culture into my classes. When the traditional Chinese New Year arrives, I will celebrate the Chinese New Year with the students. I will wear traditional Chinese clothes and prepare red envelopes for my students. I also introduce them to the traditional Chinese food and the important role of Chinese New Year in the hearts of the Chinese people. During the Dragon Boat Festival, I introduced poet Qu Yuan in class. I also introduced the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, the custom of dragon boating, the rice dumplings and realgar wine for the Dragon Boat Festival. When the holidays turn into the Mid-Autumn Festival, my students will join me in understanding why they should eat moon cakes on August 15th? When it comes to Double Ninth Festival, we learn that we need to ascend, put dogwood, drink chrysanthemum wine and so on. Children love these interesting lessons. They not only learn literacy but also culture.

I also carried out many interesting activities in the classroom. Once we held the "Guess the Riddle" for parents and children. I prepared more than 200 riddles for everyone to participate. All parents like to work with their children. They were busy but very happy. After the activity, the students counted a bunch of prizes shared with their parents. They are eager to know when the next riddle event will take place.

Although I will continue to improve upon my teaching style as I gain experience, I believe that my patience and enthusiasm are two of the aspects of my personality that make me an excellent educator. I enjoy working with children and look forward to a career where I can make a difference in the lives of many children in my own community.


我除了在新墨西哥州中文学校做老师,同时也是新墨西哥州Albuquerque Institute of Math & Science (AIMS) 学校的一名中文老师。



B. A. in Chinese Language and Literature, 广西师范大学汉语言文学本科