My students call me 练老师 liàn lǎo shī. I am proficient in Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese. I am familiar with Chinese culture and love it.

I was born and raised in China. Since I received the degree and teacher certificate in China, I have been engaged in Chinese teaching. Teaching passion is a magic thing. Year after year, I have taught students at different ages and levels. Coming to the United States gives me an opportunity to start learning how to teach Chinese to non-native speakers. After one year of special training for Teaching Chinese as A Second Language, I received a TCSOL certificate from the teachers college of Columbia University in 2021. I continuously teach and learn. I believe learning Chinese can be really interesting and full of fun.

In my Chinese class, I emphasize analyzing my students' characters to design the teaching plan. I customize the inspiring and motivating syllabus for my students and combine it with teaching my students in some meaningful and real-life related context.

TCSOL certificate from the Teachers College of Columbia University in 2021