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The New Mexico Chinese School held a fundraising auction on Nov 29th at 10am. All auction items are donated by Ms. Shirley L. Salvi. Here is her story:

In 1916, my grandmother, Lukia Prikazchikoff, aged 15, left Kiev Russia with her husband and migrated to Harbin China, a White Russian settlement welcoming refugees fleeing the invading Germans. En route (on the boat between Vladivostok and Shanghai) my mother, Eudokia was born. She was put into an orphanage in Harbin as soon as they arrived. Within months, my grandmother's husband died and she moved to Shanghai and lived on Avenue Joffre, the Paris of Asia, for twenty years. In 1935, my mother joined her and almost immediately the Japanese bombed Shanghai and they were separated. With the city on fire, my mother, like so many other young women, married an American sailor stationed on the Yangtze River. Chinese currency was not convertible, so they purchased many items as they prepared to leave for the US. What I am giving you are some of the precious items they brought with them.

In 1952 my grandmother was found still living in Shanghai, now over 35 years. As she prepared to join her daughter and meet her granddaughter (me), she purchased some items to bring. These also are here. I was 5 years old when I watched my grandmother walk off the ship from Shanghai carrying this suitcase and wearing this suit. The suitcase is black leather lined in white leather. The key is lost. If the latch accidentally closes, push straight down on the pin and it will open. This wool suit is from a salon on Avenue Joffre and is in good condition, even though over 70 years old. I wore it on special occasions when addressing the state legislature, city council, religious holidays, etc. Clearly a power suit.

The porcelain wedding ring boxes were my parents'. The lace collars, like those of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, were made by my grandmother and were in style in those days. The detailed needlework on the handkerchiefs were made by my mother, who learned exquisite needlework in the convent. The tapestry was on a pillow, which no longer exists. My grandmother thought little girls like ducks, and these are the ducks she brought me.

I am honored to support the Chinese School which my son Ben, attended in 1978 for a few years with his pal Frankie Chang, whose mother Cecelia, was one of the founders. My heritage is Russian and Italian, and I think it is very important to teach our children about our cultures and to learn of each other's cultures.

We would like to sincerely thank Ms. Shirley L. Salvi for her generous donation. We hope to find a new home for these precious heirlooms, where their existence could continue to inspire people to learn about different cultures.

1952 leather suitcase, gently worn, one handle is broken

Over 70 years old suit

The lace collars, like those of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, were made by Ms. Shirley L. Salvi's grandmother.

A box of handkerchiefs, the detailed needlework on the handkerchiefs were made by Ms. Shirley L. Salvi's mother.

1952 porcelain ducks (Sold)

1935 tapestry on a pillow (Sold)

Ms. Shirley L. Salvi bought this painting from a local auction. (Sold)

1935 wedding ring boxes (Sold)

1935 cloisonne (像景泰蓝), hasn't been authenticated. (Sold)

1935 three dishes and one dish tray (Sold)